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All delivery fees are charged at cost. There are no handling fees.

Standard Delivery is Track & Trace NZ Parcel Post. Allow 1 to 3 working days. 

Options: Add $1.50 for urgent overnight Courier without Signature, $3.70 for Rural Delivery and $4.90 for Saturday delivery.   


The project type determines the kind of applicator required. 

Applicator Pads

A round applicator pad is ideal for coating large areas like garage doors and around round fence poles and banisters, guttering etc. An Applicator pad is included in the Large Kit as standard. On special request an applicator pad can be included in the Medium Kit. Applicator pads can be wrapped in aluminium foil for short term protection. Do not use plastic film to wrap. Discard pads after the job is finished.

Sponge Brushes

For narrow profiles you can use a sponge brush although these tend to go soft after 2 or 3 windows. A sponge brush is included in the Starter Kit . Extras are available from craft / hardware stores.

Sponge brushes can be wrapped in aluminium foil for short term protection. Do not use plastic film to wrap. Discard sponge brushes after the job is finished.

Paint Brushes

If you are coating a lot of window joinery we recommend using the Rota Cota Easy Clean Edger 25mm synthetic paint brush (which is now provided in the medium and large kits ) 

Please note that this synthetic brush has been tested by Everbrite in New Zealand. It is compatible with the Everbrite Protective Coating (most are not compatible) and provides a superb finish.

Note: You will require Xylene Solvent to clean the brush after each use. Extra Rota Cota paint brushes are available from Bunnings.

Other application tools

Other application tools can be a high density foam roller or pad. If spraying use a high volume low pressure unit with a fine tip.

Find out more about the Kit Accessories and other recommended tools


Methylated Spirits (100% ethanol) or Xylene Solvent can be used as a solvent wipe prior to coating 

Methylated Spirits can also be used to remove wet coating from surfaces. (e.g. glass) 

Xylene Solvent can be used to clean up spray tips, paint brushes (meths is not strong enough) and to remove cured/dry coating.

Everbrite Quick User Guides & Specifications

For Powdercoated, Painted and Anodised surfaces.pdf
For Rusted Metal.pdf
For Fibreglass.pdf
Everbrite Specifications.pdf
Everbrite MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet.pdf

We also stock a range of Cleaning and Polishing Products to prepare the finished surface before coating. 

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