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Brass & Bronze

Brass & Bronze - Restore, Polish, Protect

clear protective coatings are easy to apply and are tough.

Everbrite and Protectaclear Coatings will keep your brass and bronze pieces looking like you have just finished polishing them. 

Interior Brass & Bronze     Use ProtectaClear 

Stop spending hours and hours cleaning your beautiful brass?  Keep your brass from tarnishing so that you never need to clean it again !

·  lamps ·  sinks & bowls ·  hardware ·  ornaments ·    tables  ·  musical instruments  ·   signs  ·   beds  ·  chandeliers ·  railings ·  kickplates and more....

Exterior Brass & Bronze    Use ProtectaClear or Everbrite Coating.

Protect bronze sculptures from corrosion, oxidation and graffiti.

Everbrite is recommended for architectural metal or exterior metal that needs extra UV protection like ...

·   Statues  ·   Weather vanes   ·   brass and bronze panels and other architectural metal.

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Sample Projects

Brass Door Hardware

Renowned NZ Artist and Sculptor Jane Allnatt and husband Jim (Sports Writer and Author) recently refurbished over 40 brass door handles and knobs in their coastal Auckland home, It was either replace the handles or restore and coat them with Protectaclear for permanent protection. 

“ We looked at our 28 year old brass door handles and decided it was time they needed to be replaced or restored. The original coating had worn and chipped off and they all looked dirty and old.  To replace all the handles would have been an expensive exercise; so  we decided to take a sustainable and cost saving approach and restore them to their former glory. We buffed off what old varnish/lacquer remained, then cleaned and polished as required, and then coated them with Protectaclear. All for under $65 "

The result speaks for itself - the handles are now fully protected against further tarnish, will keep their shine and be easy to keep clean with a damp cloth.  Protectaclear will not chip or peel off.

Bronze Sculpture

The world's largest standing bronze lion (Rex) stands at Queens University of Charlotte in North Carolina at their 65-acre sports complex. Rex was created by Jon D. Hair and is protected with Everbrite Protective Coating. 

Rex was cast near Sacramento, CA at Frostad Atelier Foundry and was trucked across the country on an open air truck.