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Powder Coated Metals

Restore, rejuvenate and protect powder coated and painted metals

Sun and salt spray can fade and chalk painted metal and powder coatings.
Dull, flat looking oxidised window and door joinery, garage doors, and metal buildings can be restored with Everbrite to look like new again. Everbrite will restore original colour and lustre and provide strong sunscreen protection for paint. Everbrite contains U.V. blockers and anti-oxidants to protect the metal from sun, salt air, corrosion, oxidation, rust, fading and more. Once the metal looks new again, Everbrite will continue to protect and make it much easier to clean. 

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How can you tell if Everbrite Protective Coating will rejuvenate your joinery or garage door ?
You can test the surface to see if it can be restored. Clean an area and observe it when it is clean and wet. If the colour and lustre comes back when the surface is clean and wet, then that is how the surface will look when refinished with Everbrite.

 Protective Coating is easy to apply - Wipe on, brush on, roll on or spray on

Everbrite Protective Coating is a self-leveling self-annealing  D.I.Y clear protective coating that restores the original finish of aluminium joinery, garage doors, aluminium siding, steel siding, automobiles, equipment, tractors, roofs, gutters and much more. 

Everbrite Protective Coating is laboratory tested for their UV protection capabilities
in California USA where it is made. It is packed with UV filters & stabilisers; and well proven over nearly 30 years in harsh UV conditions.  No other coating for metal protection can match Everbrite's lengthy historical presence for proven durability, nor for the ease in which it can be applied and maintained indefinitely; furthermore without any need for specialist application training or intervention.

Why is Everbrite so popular for the restoration and protection of window joinery?

Everbrite is a protective coating that can be easily applied to window joinery using a paint brush by a DIYer (or a painter) without having to mask up the windows or cladding. Everbrite does not need to be sprayed on like some other coatings to achieve a 'factory like' smooth finish as Everbrite is self leveling.  Other advertised coating types that need to be sprayed on by trained specialists cannot be maintained by the DIY homeowner after the warranty period.  

Understandably Everbrite is about 25 times less expensive as you can apply yourself with a paint brush; and is still a very cost effective solution when applied by a Painting Professional. NZ Commercial Painters and Coating Specialists are now using Everbrite and Protectaclear - increasing regularly by 2+ new commercial painters every week. Over 3,000 DIY residential customers in New Zealand have restored their home's joinery over the past three years since we brought Everbrite to New Zealand (from USA where it is manufactured) for our customers to enjoy.

Why Everbrite can be easily maintained indefinitely and last forever
Everbrite is self annealing. (This means that new maintenance coats can be applied directly to the pre-coated surface. Initial coats last many years and depending on the sun direction and general environmental/coastal conditions determines when another coat is required once the shine starts to dull off a bit.  Unlike many sprayed on cross-linked coatings a previously coated surface in Everbrite does not need to be removed by sanding, grinding or burning off before maintenance re-coats are applied. As the coating is self-annealing another coat can be applied to a pre-coated surface without any preparation other than it being clean and dry. 

"We applied Everbrite onto our aluminium joinery in January 2015 as it had badly oxidised and faded over the previous 20 years. After application our joinery looked like it had just come out of the factory and today it still looks as good as it did over 40 months ago when Everbrite was applied. I expect that it will easily outlast the paint on our house cladding which is maintained every 7 to 8 years as we are immediate beachfront facing north"

It is so easy to use Everbrite...

1.  Scrub the oxidisation off  with clean water and the grey preparation pad. Then wipe off with a microfibre cloth and then clean again with the EZPrep Cleaner solution. RInse well twice with clean water. (These items are in the Everbrite kits) 
2.  Ensure that any traces of polish or other products that may have been used to 'restore' the look of your joinery have been removed.
3.  Rinse off well and then allow to dry. Using a microfibre cloth to dry it off is even better as this will remove spotting. 
4.  a) For Powdercoated and Painted metals - when bone dry and scrupulously clean you can apply the coating.
     b) For Anodised and bare metals - when bone dry and scrupulously clean firstly wipe over with methylated spirits or xylene and then apply the coating.

You must read the Instruction Sheet  and we recommend that you read the Advice page before commencing with your project.


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Natural Gloss or Satin finish?

Natural Gloss is the common finish used historically on coloured joinery and garage doors, however new joinery (and double glazing retrofittings) and doors are being finished in what the trade refers to as a 'Matte' finish; however this 'Matte' finish still has a sheen. Everbrite's Satin finish matches this new 'Matte' finish. Satin Finish is priced about 15% higher than Natural Gloss.

See sample comparison below...

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Aluminium Joinery

“The aluminium frames on our windows and ranch-sliders were looking flat and faded which made our home look tired and neglected. Since using Everbrite it looks like our joinery has just left the factory floor. We are so pleased we found Everbrite and we did it ourselves. Our joinery is now protected from the harsh UV here in New Zealand."

Garage Doors

“Our garage doors look incredible. The sun had really taken its toll. It was stunning to see the difference between before and after. In reality, the doors were much worse than I had imagined. They now look like new doors and will stay that way for years to come protected from the sun"  


"Our black garage door was not that old, but it had deteriorated badly and made our home look shabby and uncared for. We applied the satin finish Everbrite coating and now we have a door that looks brand new. We are safe in the knowledge that it will stay protected from the sun and salt air and always look spick and span. It is so much easier to clean now too.