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Kit Accessory Items

The following items are supplied in the Everbrite and Protectaclear Coating Kits

Prep Pad

Supplied in Everbrite kits. (used with Everbrite's EZPREP Concentrate - Cleaner and Neutraliser)
Extra Fine – Can be used for light cleaning of steel and non-steel.
These flexible, non-woven Prep Pads are a great substitute for steel wool.  They won't rust, shred, or splinter.  They are washable, reusable and can be cut and folded. Used to remove chalk, oxidation and stains from powdercoated and painted metals, to clean anodized aluminium and more.  Clean Garage Doors, Aluminium Joinery, Metal Buildings, Stainless Steel, Anodized Aluminium.
Email us to order extras - as currently not available as a separate item in the On-line Shop.
Additional Prep pads available at $3.50 each.

Nitrile Gloves

Supplied in all kits.

Powder Free Disposable Nitrile Gloves help protect hands when cleaning with EZPREP or applying an Everbrite Protective Coating or Protectaclear Coating. Helps protect hands against chemicals and abrasives. Latex Free. A minimum of one pair comes with every Everbrite or Protectaclear Coating Order.

Do NOT use rubber gloves as soft rubber will react and become sticky when in contact with the coatings.

Extra powder-free Nitrile Gloves are available from you local hardware store.

Applicator Pad 

Included in Medium and Large size kits.
Used to apply either Ev
erbrite Protective Coating  or Protectaclear Coating
A durable sponge encased in smooth cloth fabric for easy and smooth application on wide areas such as  garage doors, gutters and around round fence poles and banisters, guttering etc. 
Large pad with gusset for hand grip - for application of Everbrite Protective Coating (Only available as an option when purchased with a Kit)

White pad - For either Everbrite or Protectaclear Coating (Provided in Medium and Large Kits) 
Applicator pads soaked in coating can be protected from going hard by being wrapped in aluminium foil. This is to ensure that the pad remains flexible as once the Applicator Pad dries out it loses its flexibility and cannot evenly distribute coating to the surface.    
Do not use plastic film to wrap. Discard pads after the job is finished as the pads cannot be cleaned.

Email us to order extras - as currently not available as a separate item in the On-line Shop.
$5.50 each (White)  
$6.50 each (Beige with gusset) CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK
Comes with solvent resistant nitrile gloves

Sponge Brush

For narrow profiles you can use a sponge brush although these tend to go soft after awhile. Two sponge brushes are included in the Starter Kits. Extras are available from craft / hardware stores. Sponge brushes can be wrapped in aluminium foil for very short term protection. 
Do not use plastic film to wrap. Discard sponge brushes after project has been finished as they cannot be cleaned.

Synthetic Paint Brush   

Supplied in the Small 250mL, Medium 480mL and Large 960mL sized kits. 
Provides a high performance finish for 
Everbrite Protective Coating 
If you are coating a lot of joinery we recommend using the MacGyver 25mm all purpose paint brush. available from Resene Stores.
This makes application fast and provides a superb finish. This brush is provided in the small, medium and large kits.
Extensive testing across a range of synthetic and natural bristle brushes proved that this brush was the best performer for applying the coating and for finish.
Brushes that are soaked in coating can be protected from going hard by being wrapped in aluminium foil. This is to ensure that the brush remains flexible. 
Do not use plastic film to wrap. 
You will require Xylene Solvent to thoroughly clean the brush after finishing the project.
Xylene Solvent is available from Bunnings (Diggers Xylene) and Resene Paints (Thinners No. 6)
NOTE: Many brush types are incompatible and natural bristle brushes tend to pick up too much coating.

Sponge Wedges

Supplied only in the PROTECTACLEAR 120 mL Starter Kit. 
Only use with Protectaclear Coating 
Provided in the Protectaclear Starter kit for small items. e.g. jewellery, door knobs, handles and for touch ups of any missed areas. Discard sponge wedges after each job/project is finished.

 The following items are NOT supplied by Everbrite 

Natural Bristle Paint Brushes 

Excellent finish for Protectaclear Coating 
Available from any Hardware store.
For Protectaclear we recommend using a natural bristle paint brush.
Most natural bristle brushes are inexpensive and can be discarded after use.
Natural bristle brushes can also be cleaned up with Xylene Solvent.
Brushes can be wrapped in aluminium foil for very short term protection to stop them from going hard. Do not use plastic film to wrap.


Solvents are not included in the kits and are available from your local hardware store. 
Solvent wiping is required Just prior to application of coating
Methylated Spirits (100% ethanol) or Xylene Solvent can be used as a solvent wipe prior to coating 

Coating Removal and Brush Clean up
Methylated Spirits can also be used to remove wet coating from surfaces. (e.g. glass) 
Xylene Solvent can be used to clean up spray tips, Natural Bristle and RotaCota Easy Clean paint brushes (meths is not strong enough) and to remove cured/dry coating.     
  • Diggers Xylene is available from most Bunnings stores.
  • Resene Thinners No. 6 (Xylene) available from Resene Stores.
Do not thin the coatings with solvent as the coatings will fail.