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Keep Copper looking its best

Copper tiles (very popular for splashbacks)
First 4 rows from left - original tile without coating (unprotected)
Next 3 rows - SATIN finish in our ProtectaClear Coating.
Last 3 rows on right - NATURAL GLOSS finish in our ProtectaClear Coating.

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Copper Bathroom Bowls and Fittings

Keep your copper looking shiny and new.

Copper Kitchen Sinks

ProtectaClear is a tough coating that can take the banging and crashing of pots and pans in the kitchen.

So easy to apply and maintain.

See how easy it is to apply  ProtectaClear or Everbrite to bare metals

Use ProtectaClear for:

Ornaments, Indoor Sculptures, Light Fittings and jewellery (where you want the natural beauty of metals to shine through)

Utensils, Table Tops, Splashbacks, sinks and bowls, Pots and pans and fittings (that will be enduring high use, alot of handling and abuse) 

Use Everbrite for:

Copper Roofs, building cladding, spouting and downpipes and outdoor sculptures.