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Anodised Aluminium

Fix stained Anodised Aluminium Joinery

Anodized aluminium extrusions can come in clear anodized aluminium which has the look of bare aluminium​, and also comes in colo​u​rs like bronze and other brightly coloured alumin​i​um.

When the finish is removed by harsh chemicals, stucco or mortar, cement or acid based cleaners the surface becomes damaged with white stains which ruins the look.

​Clear and coloured anodized aluminium ​(​which fades, chalks and looks dull​)​ can​ be rejuvenated and protected to look great again.
You can restore the lustre (and colour) of the anodized alumin​i​um by replacing the missing topcoat with Everbrite Clear Protective Coating.​ ​First, test the alumin​i​um by cleaning a section and observing when it is clean and wet. The water will replicate the topcoat and if the stains disappear, then when Everbrite replaces the topcoat, your problem is solved.​ I​f the stains do not disappear when the aluminium is clean and wet, then further cleaning is necessary. Clean the aluminium until the look is satisfactory when still wet. Some customers ​have us​ed 1500 grit wet and dry sandpaper they have managed to clear away the ​very ​toughest stains.

The photo below shows how a home's anodised aluminium had been badly stained/ damaged by a house chemical wash.

" Thank goodness we were able to fix the problem - now our window frames are as good as new again"