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About Everbrite

Everbrite Coatings NZ Limited

Everbrite Coatings is a New Zealand owned company based in Auckland dedicated to the Distribution and Customer Support of Everbrite Coatings. It is a family business truly believing in good customer service. We try our very best to offer outstanding service and support so that our DIY Customers and Tradespeople are 'over the moon' with the finished result from using our coatings.
Everbrite coatings are well renowned for their exceptional qualities and performance. Customers can be confident that they are dealing with the finest of coating products that give an outstanding finish for many years protection.
Call us on our NZ Helpline 0800 102984  or email us on info@everbrite.co.nz

Please note  that you will be unable to reach us on our 0800 number if you ring from a restricted/unidentified phone number

A true story....  Find out how and why we wanted to represent Everbrite Coatings in New Zealand

Everbrite Inc. USA

Everbrite, Inc. is a Nevada Corporation with offices in Reno and in Rancho Cordova, California. They manufacture Everbrite Protective and ProtectaClear Coatings along with cleaners, polishes and accessories to make metal restoration jobs easier. Everbrite, Inc. has helped thousands of its customers restore and protect metals and other hard substrates since 1990.  

Everbrite‚Äôs highly specialised coatings are not sold in stores. The coatings are sold directly to consumers in North America and through their fully trained Authorised Distributors in countries around the world.

Everbrite was the preferred choice for these prominent buildings and landmarks in USA and UK.

Aon Building
Los Angeles, CA. USA

Metal Type: Clear Anodized Aluminium

Year Completed: 2008

Project Size: 100,000 sf. Corners & Crown

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Shelter Point Distillery 
Vancouver Island, BC. Canada

Metal Type: Copper
Year Completed: 2010
Project Size: Copper Pots and Stills

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McLaren Building
Woking England

Metal Type: Aluminium
Year Completed: 2013
Metal Type: Clear Anodized Aluminium

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More Notable projects.....

Empire State Building 
New York, USA

Metal Type: Stainless Steel Fittings and Lift Doors

Year Completed: 

Project Size: 

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IBM Building 
San Jose, CA. USA

Metal Type: ACM panels

Year Completed: 2013

Project Size: 400,000 sf

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